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Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) has now come of age, with the market for KPO services in the Financial Services sector alone expected to be worth U.S. $5bn by 2010. The prediction shows that KPO ? seen as the third generation of the outsourcing process ? may now be considered a bona fide, mainstream outsourcing option.

Highly Skilled Processes
KPO involves outsourcing more highly skilled processes than has previously been the case with other outsourcing methods, basing its appeal on intellectual arbitrage rather than the cost reduction potential of its counterparts. Within the financial sector, KPO has already been used to handle, among other things, credit scoring, loss protection calculations and fraud analytics.

Qualified Talent
In the last two years, KPO has grown to encompass several specialist areas that were earlier considered off-limits for offshoring. For instance, a legal outsourcing firm employs lawyers; a pharma R&D outsourcing company recruits doctors, PhDs in life sciences and an auto engineering outsourcing firm requires engineers with CAD/CAM expertise. We understand that unlike traditional BPOs where relatively low-level skills were required, knowledge and professional education is the key with KPO. Unitep employs best qualified professionals to assist our clients with best possible output.

Areas of expertese
Unitep provide KPO services in the following areas:

      Legal Services
      Engineering R&D
      Market Research and Analytics

      Writing and Content Development
      Pharmaceutical R&D
      Healthcare Services
      Education and Training
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